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slim + lift treatment

The Body Contour Pack "Adipo-Reverse"


A new active treatment ingredient now makes it possible to divert the adipocytes from their natural function, in other words producing fat, and make them form…collagen! The desired aim is no longer simply to eliminate fat, but to divert the formation of fat to obtain greater firmness! This is the “ADIPO REVERSE” effect.

With SLIM&LIFT, ERICSON LABORATOIRE is offering Beauty centres a totally original solution with a comprehensive new MULTI-TARGET treatment to be discovered without delay.

1. “SLIM” SLIMMING effect, with a preventive effect on fat storage and lipolytic action to improve the appearance of “orange peel” skin.

2. “LIFT” FIRMING effect, by diverting the adipocyte from its main function.

3. Reparative effect on STRETCH MARKS.

4. Reparative and protective effect on the CAPILLARIES.

Length of treatment = 90 min.
Treatment includes 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = once or twice a week

- CORALLINE : an absolutely astonishing marine active ingredient: CORALLINE CONCENTRATE, an extract from a red alga that is extremely rich in calcium and inhibits this adipocyte differentiation. 

The calcium prevents the preadipocyte from transforming into a mature adipocyte and thus transforming lipids into triglycerides and storing them in the fat cell. On the one hand, adipogenesis and lipogenesis are inhibited, and on the other hand collagen synthesis is boosted.

This is the “ADIPO-REVERSE” effect of the CORALLINE CONCENTRATE: less fat stored, more collagen synthesised. An improvement in the appearance of orange peel skin and firmer, more toned skin

slim + lift treatment

The Body Contour Pack "Adipo-Reverse"

This very original cream enables the transformation of fat into firmness. Activating the effect of calcium on the conversion of the pre-adipocytes into mature adipocytes promotes a reduction in the production of fat while at the same time activating the production of firming collagen. You thus get a dual “slimming + firming” action.

The action of this Treatment is reinforced by a concentrated Serum capable of a dual “healing and protecting” action. 

It helps to reduce stretch marks by a collagen-recovering mechanism of the blood vessels and it protects the vascular system by inhibiting the deterioration process.


Our Beauty Therapy Concept is targeting beauticians, mainly because it is technical, who wish to give their therapy centre a different professional identity. Why? Our treatments are non-invasive and natural. This also reassures clients about the promise of results they are expecting. 

This is by the use of hydro-lipids, biotech enzymes, nano particles, highly polymerized DNA, anti elastate, ultrasounds, anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients, etc. Due to the wide range of products and ingredients in the therapy, we are able to personalize treatments and also have an internal and external approach. We have 15 facial treatments, 8 body care treatments and 1 bust treatment. 

We deal with all body problems: energy and hormonal deficiency, localized cellulite, heave and swollen legs, general overweight, breasts lacking tone, stretch marks, fragile capillaries and the effects of stress and fatigue brought on by everyday life.

Our products are as follows:



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