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Doing business since 2000, we have maintained an outstanding reputation as one of the largest up-scale Hair Clinics in the Nairobi area by providing the ultimate in hair, nail, body and skin care services. The Patron of Abyssinia is an experienced hair stylist having done hairdressing in Africa, Western Europe and the United States since 1998.


We are eager to enhance our know-how in beauty services. If it's learning the latest nail implementation, skin care therapy, cutting-edge facials, or body therapy, we are persistently expanding the horizons of minds and skills set to enhance your wellbeing, happiness and beauty.


Meet Miny

Miny Tafesse might greet you with a hug and warm sentiments. She might lead you into the salon with a gracious smile and a sincere interest in how you’re doing. It’s her soft, welcoming nature that can make the salon, Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic, feel like home. Experienced and well trained, Miny has mastered her craft traveling all around the world. 

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