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novaslim + body treatment

peel and slim

Upholding the spirit of scientific innovation that characterizes our skincare concept, our Laboratories have developed a DUAL-PERFORMANCE PEEL that combines the effectiveness of the SKIN-RENEWING TREATMENTS of the NOVACID line and a POWERFUL CONTOURING ACTIVE INGREDIENT with an innovative action mechanism. This 2-in-1 treatment combines:

NOVACID+ features THE LATEST SKIN EXFOLIATION METHODS inspired by aesthetic medicine. NOVACID is a skin-correcting treatment that helps act on surface anomalies and stimulates the accelerated renewal of skin tissue. This treatment targets several skin problems: surface wrinkles, dark spots, residual scars, lack of skin tone, the purification of oily skin, etc.

NOVASLIM features A POWERFUL “ADIPO-GENETIC” CONTOURING COMPLEX capable of acting directly on the expression of DNA genes to prevent our body from producing fat. NOVASLIM is a new contouring strategy that provides the synergic action of EXFOLIATING AGENTS with a NEW CONTOURING ACTIVE INGREDIENT WITH “ADIPO-GENETIC” ACTION to encourage the deep absorption of the active ingredients and increase their effectiveness tenfold.

This strong body treatment enables a powerful and perfectly controlled exfoliation.

Length of treatment = 60 mins
Treatment includes 6 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week

NOVACID+ professional products are highly concentrated in AHAs, and contain 70% glycolic acid derivatives. This high concentration in AHAs makes it possible to obtain results deep into the skin, as the product penetration is much higher.

The NOVASLIM+ new skincare line is unmatched in terms of its concentration as well as the power of the active ingredients that it uses: Microdermabrasion via aluminium oxide crystals, Chemical peel via the synergy of 5 ultra-powerful acids, Enzymatic exfoliation via proteolytic action, Contouring molecule via “adipo-genetic” modulation

novaslim + body products

peel and slim

NEW: A BODY SCRUB combining aluminium oxide crystals with 3 fruit acid derivates to create a powerful surface exfoliation. The massaging action of the scrub associated with this slimming efficacy enables smoothing orange peel skin and obtaining a true "anti-cellulite" effect.

NEW: A BODY CONTOUR CREAM formulated with Mucic and Citric Acid derivates with strong regenerating properties which accelerate cell renewal. This cream has a comprehensive action: increases skin permeability, blocks the formation of fat and drains areas with cellulite. Gradually, with repeated applications, your figure becomes more slender. Enriched with a whitening agent it also fades unsightly pigmentation spots for brighter, clearer-looking skin.


Our Beauty Therapy Concept is targeting beauticians, mainly because it is technical, who wish to give their therapy centre a different professional identity. Why? Our treatments are non-invasive and natural. This also reassures clients about the promise of results they are expecting. 

This is by the use of hydro-lipids, biotech enzymes, nano particles, highly polymerized DNA, anti elastate, ultrasounds, anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients, etc. Due to the wide range of products and ingredients in the therapy, we are able to personalize treatments and also have an internal and external approach. We have 15 facial treatments, 8 body care treatments and 1 bust treatment. 

We deal with all body problems: energy and hormonal deficiency, localized cellulite, heave and swollen legs, general overweight, breasts lacking tone, stretch marks, fragile capillaries and the effects of stress and fatigue brought on by everyday life.

Our products are as follows:



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