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hunger suppressant for fat cells


Introducing a new-generation Contouring Treatment that acts like an “appetite suppressant” for fat cells.
A true contouring innovation, INSULINOL Cellulit-Diet opposes the action of insulin. It prevents glucose – the main nutrient of the adipocytes – from penetrating into the heart of the cell and producing fat. The adipocyte is “put on a diet”.


Scientific research has demonstrated the powerful action of a molecule, Dihydromyricetin, on the metabolism of the adipocytes, making it possible to help prevent the storage of triglycerides. Action on 3 levels:

1/ Activation x12 of Lipolysis (fat combustion) via the inhibition of perilipin and the four proteins responsible for fat storage.

2/ 64% reduction of Lipogenesis (enlargement of fat cells) via the inhibition of the Glut4 protein, responsible for making glucose (sugar) available in the production of fat.

3/ 63% reduction of Adipogenesis (multiplication of fat cells) via the inhibition of Caveolin, the protein responsible for the differentiation of adipocytes.


Because Cellulite excess often results in numerous side disorders, we have developed a truly comprehensive treatment, working at several levels:

• Evacuation of interstitial water and draining

• Weakened microcapillaries

• Stretch marks, with preventive and curative action

• Firming up of excessively loosened tissues

A distinctive characteristic of this treatment is the original use of a “Thermal Body Mask”, which speeds up the penetration of active substances used, thus allowing for a quicker action.

Length of treatment = 60 mins
Treatment includes 6 to 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = twice per week


MYRICELINE is a new-generation active ingredient that counters the action of insulin. It prevents glucose – the main nutrient of the adipocytes – from penetrating into the heart of the cell and producing fat.

LANACHRYS, a Phyto Complex, favours the burning of fatty deposits very quickly and efficiently.

CAFFEINE, the star contouring molecule, stimulate fat combustion

REDULITE, a plant ingredient, eases the elimination of toxins and reduces the sensations of water retention. Insulinol Cellulit-Diet Treatment

insulinol cellulit' diet treatment products

hunger suppressant for fat cells

E542 DE-STOCK DAY GEL Specially formulated to correct localized fat, INSULINOL DE-STOCK GEL stimulates fat combustion and fights cellulite. Slightly heating GEL for a vasodilatation effect.

Specially formulated to correct localized fat, INSULINOL ANTI-STOCK GEL inhibits fat storage and promotes drainage. Cold-effect GEL for a vasoconstriction effect.

Enriched with a powerful lipo-reducing complex, the CELLULIT-DIET EXPRESS PATCHES relentlessly fights localised fat on the buttocks, “saddlebags”, thighs, abdomen and hips. 

In prolonged contact with the skin, they ensure continuous diffusion of their contouring active ingredients for optimum, targeted action on stubborn zones


Our Beauty Therapy Concept is targeting beauticians, mainly because it is technical, who wish to give their therapy centre a different professional identity. Why? Our treatments are non-invasive and natural. This also reassures clients about the promise of results they are expecting. 

This is by the use of hydro-lipids, biotech enzymes, nano particles, highly polymerized DNA, anti elastate, ultrasounds, anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients, etc. Due to the wide range of products and ingredients in the therapy, we are able to personalize treatments and also have an internal and external approach. We have 15 facial treatments, 8 body care treatments and 1 bust treatment. 

We deal with all body problems: energy and hormonal deficiency, localized cellulite, heave and swollen legs, general overweight, breasts lacking tone, stretch marks, fragile capillaries and the effects of stress and fatigue brought on by everyday life.

Our products are as follows:



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