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lipo-stress treatment

Neuro-Cellulit - A New Generation Slimming Treatment

LIPO-STRESS is a new generation slimming treatment with a dual action on neurotransmitters on the surface of the skin and in-depth.

1/ In the upper layers of the skin: production of β-endorphins, important “anti-stress” neurotransmitters to relieve tension and better eliminate fat.

2/ In the deeper layers of the skin: the action of a powerful neuro-protective action enables better innervation of adipose tissue.


Length of treatment = 1H15 mins.
Treatment includes 8 sessions
Treatment frequency = 2 per week


BETAPHROLINE - Endorphins and Lipolysis : BETAPHROLINE is capable of stimulating the release of ß-endorphins by the keratinocytes. The binding of these ß-endorphins to specific receptors of the cutaneous nerve cells neutralizes harmful, painful stimuli and generates a feeling of well-being. It has been proven that BETAPHROLINE stimulates the lipolysis mechanism, responsible for the decrease in storage of triglycerides contained in the adipocytes.

GLUTRAPEPTIDE - NGF and Neurolipolysis : The research laboratories identified and created a new NEURO PROTECTION active ingredient: GLUTRAPEPTIDE, derived from biotechnology. Glutrapeptide is qualified as neuroactive. It activates the innervation of adipose tissue and promotes lipolysis by acting on the length of nerve fibers (neurites).

lipo drainage 3d treatment

Neuro-Cellulit - A New Generation Slimming Treatment

Due to the release of endorphins, LIPO-STRESS combines the benefits of a relaxing massage and a slimming treatment. 

This body treatment enables you to feel good about yourself by the release of relaxing molecules and also to feel good about your body by the powerful decrease in fat storage that it generates.

By acting on both a surface and in-depth level, this treatment quickly relieves localised and painful blocked cellulite, but also relaxing a stressed body subject to fat retention.

Stimulates anti-stress receptors by releasing ß-endorphins, relieving tension and relaxing congested tissues. Smoothing effect on unsightly cellulite dimpling.


Our Beauty Therapy Concept is targeting beauticians, mainly because it is technical, who wish to give their therapy centre a different professional identity. Why? Our treatments are non-invasive and natural. This also reassures clients about the promise of results they are expecting. 

This is by the use of hydro-lipids, biotech enzymes, nano particles, highly polymerized DNA, anti elastate, ultrasounds, anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients, etc. Due to the wide range of products and ingredients in the therapy, we are able to personalize treatments and also have an internal and external approach. We have 15 facial treatments, 8 body care treatments and 1 bust treatment. 

We deal with all body problems: energy and hormonal deficiency, localized cellulite, heave and swollen legs, general overweight, breasts lacking tone, stretch marks, fragile capillaries and the effects of stress and fatigue brought on by everyday life.

Our products are as follows:



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