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osmo thermy treatment

Osmosis, factor of active elimination.


This highly original body care treatment combines exfoliation and deep-cleansing of the skin using sea salt with a prolonged thermal body mask of oligo-salts and micronized algae. 

The resulting osmosis helps effectively clear the skin tissues. At the end of this treatment, the client notices waste has been eliminated and «spongy» skin clearly smoothed. She experiences a marvellous sensation of purity and well-being. 

The skin itself takes on a softer, silkier texture. Recommended as a «one-off» treatment for instant renewed skin, or as a series of body slimming treatments.


OSMO-THERMY supplies a dual action: it restores mineral levels and reduces water retention of skin tissues. It thus constitutes an excellent alternative to slimming treatments. As a result of this treatment, skin is left smooth, extremely soft, toxins have been eliminated, cellulite dimpling has disappeared. The body's mineral and trace-element levels are restored according to its needs.

Length of treatment = 60 mins
Treatment includes 4 sessions
Treatment frequency = Once per week


- Guérande Salt, the site of GUÉRANDE, ideally located between land and sea on the Atlantic coast, had, for many centuries, its activity associated with that of salt – veritable “white gold”. The collection method is determined by the crystallization of the salt and its mineral content.

- Powdered flower or fruit extracts, possessing slimming, draining or toning properties following the chosen OSMO-THERMY wrap. These ingredients in powder form act in-depth on the area they are applied.

- Flower petals (cornflower, calendula and elder flower), with stimulating colours and complementary properties.


Our Beauty Therapy Concept is targeting beauticians, mainly because it is technical, who wish to give their therapy centre a different professional identity. Why? Our treatments are non-invasive and natural. This also reassures clients about the promise of results they are expecting. 

This is by the use of hydro-lipids, biotech enzymes, nano particles, highly polymerized DNA, anti elastate, ultrasounds, anti-cellulite lipo-blocking active ingredients, etc. Due to the wide range of products and ingredients in the therapy, we are able to personalize treatments and also have an internal and external approach. We have 15 facial treatments, 8 body care treatments and 1 bust treatment. 

We deal with all body problems: energy and hormonal deficiency, localized cellulite, heave and swollen legs, general overweight, breasts lacking tone, stretch marks, fragile capillaries and the effects of stress and fatigue brought on by everyday life.

Our products are as follows:



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